get involved!
get involved!
here's what you can do right now to
help elect democrats and turn the tide on november 6.

phone bank/texting team

Help get the word out about your candidate by volunteering to talk to voters about their stand on issues and their qualifications!


Go door to door to talk to voters about the possible candidate who will be representing them! 


Most Democrats are running a grassroots campaign which means they rely on the people they are serving to help fund them!

social media

Show that you are engaged with your candidate and are planning to vote for them on Nov. 6! Follow your candidate on social media, comment and share their posts!

purchase merch

You can show your support for your candidate by buying their merchandise, simultaneously funding their campaign and represent them!

show your support

Now that you have your merch upload photos of it to social media and tag their profile and include trending hashtags! Adding your voice shows the nation people are excited about the blue wave!

help us turn the tide on november 6! contact us for volunteer opportunities!

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