be prepared!

everything you need to know to be ready to vote on November 8!

bring your i.d.

Check your state's I.D. requirements to make sure you don't get turned away at the polls!
Use your state's voter information portal to find your most up to date polling place, the hours and how to get there!

find your polling place

Make sure your voter registration is up to date! To update your registration click on your state's register to vote section. 

update your registration

set deadline reminders

Keep an eye on the voter deadlines! Deadlines are located on the left side of your state page.

know your candidates

Be informed about who you are voting for. Check out our "Who Do I Vote For?" section below!

read the faq

Be informed about what your vote means and all the ways to vote!

who do i vote for?

who do i vote for?


what to expect 

what to expect 

wait in line
Your polling place might have a wait time so be prepared to wait!
provisional vote
If your name does not appear in the voter roster you will be asked if you want to vote provisionally, which will only count if you are eligible to vote.
go to clerk
Give your name to the clerk and they will look you up in the voter roster
voting booth/
voting machine
You will be given a secrecy envelope to take to the voting booth, or your polling place might have a voting machine.
show i.d.
Your clerk might ask for I.D. to confirm your name and address.
i voted!
Congratulations! You have just used your basic American right to vote! Share with your friends and family.
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